Our representatives will strive to find the best value to meet your specific needs. The extent and frequency of our services depends upon your unique requirements. LisJay’s services are included (but are not limited to) the following descriptions :


General House Cleaning (includes living room, den, foyer, hallways, staircases, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms etc.)

• Vacuum and clean floor and stairs
• Dust and polish furniture, baseboards, and banisters
• Clean and polish mirrors
• Dust corners and clear out cobwebs
• Trash disposal


• Clean table, chairs, countertops, stovetop, cabinet doors, baseboards, and window sills
• Clean appliances, including the exteriors/ interiors of the microwave, refrigerator, and oven
• Wash dishes
• Clean and disinfect sink
• Sweep and/or vacuum, wash, and dry floor
• Dispose of the trash
• Dust light covers


• Clean and disinfect vanity top, toilet, shower stall, shower curtain, bath tub, and floor
• Clean bathroom mirror


• Clean room
• Make bed(s)
• Vacuum/ clean floor
• Dust other furniture & wipe windowsills

Special Residential Services

• Laundry service
• Pet area clean-ups
• Window cleaning
• Spot-cleaning on walls, furniture upholstery, and carpeting
• Carpet cleaning 
• Clean-up after a move-out
• Special event clean-ups

Please inform our staff of any special instructions or circumstances


To book this cleaning service, simply contact us by calling at: